John B. Sargeant Sr. Park

A little south of the Hillsborough River State Park lies the John B. Sargeant Sr. State Park. Here you can go kayaking/canoeing (for a small fee) and have someone pick you up in a school bus several miles down the river.

Hillsborough River State Park

Cait and I took a little hike in Hillsborough River State Park. I am looking forward to returning with a kayak!

Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass

Our trip to Seattle involved trail hiking on Twin Falls Trail, snowshoe hiking on Gold Creek Pond Trail, and urban hiking in Seattle\'s fish market and Olympic Sculpture Park.

Kayaking in Silver Springs, FL

Silver Springs, Florida is a fun place to kayak. If you are a birder or adventurer, you\'ll enjoy the wildlife. On the weekends there are unfortunately a mass of boats that travel the length of the river. On our particular weekend, we didn\'t get to see the rhesus monkeys, because the air boats scared them away from the rivers edge. However we did see an assortment of birds. Many of which are in the following album.

Anclote Key and Tarpon Springs

Anclote Key State Preserve is a truly magnificent habitat. There is no wonder why it is considered arguably the best natural beach on Florida\'s southern Gulf Coast.

It\'s not a boating adventure, until something goes wrong!

All good stories usually involve something that goes terribly wrong. This story involves a boat sinking with people on-board!

4th of July, 2011

Celebrating Independence Day at Citywalk in Tampa.

1974 Jeep CJ5

A present to myself after my deployment to Afghanistan. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end: I recently sold her to fund other hobbies!

The Chi-Town low-down

Various pictures from around Chicago, during a trip to celebrate the wedding of Alison & Fritz.

BHS Graduation

Finally graduated from an undergraduate program after 9 years. Funny thing is, I still have 2 more years of post-bacc work!

Paynes Prairie

Paynes Prairie State Preserve is a habitat for Alligators, exotic birds, wild horses, bison, and other species.

A taste of Tampa

Playing hookie from the post-deployment military event in Tampa by scouting the wildlife at the Florida Aquarium.

R&R Leave and Engagement

Tailgating, fishing, the beach, and celebrations!

Qatar 2010

Picture of my ongoing deployment to Qatar. Currently we are located at Camp As Sayliyah (CAS), on the edge of Qatars capital, Doha.

Dinner at the McFadden\'s

Photos taken during one of our many (and pleasurable) trips to my girlfriend\'s parents house in South Florida.

Afghanistan 2005-2006

A collection of pictures from my deployment to Afghanistan between Jul 2005 and Jun 2006. Most of the pictures were in surrounding regions of Gardez, Afghanistan, located in the Paktia province.