Changes to the Site

So there are a lot of changes to the site, most of which I wont go into detail about (because they deal with the coding underneath the appearance), but I will say that it’s a step towards making this site more photo and less text oriented. The idea is that in the next two years, I’ll have more opportunities to travel. Secondly, I just picked up a new hobby (photography), so I figured I’d recode this site to complement those two facts. The new framework of this site has allowed me to add functions I couldn’t use before. Anyway, images are easier to upload and organize, and more importantly, I have the ability to show (on a Google Map) exactly where the photos were taken, in case you’re curious, or perhaps want to travel there yourselves.

I have uploaded two new photo galleries, check them out here: A Taste of Tampa and Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park.

Finally, here is a little demo of me in action at Payne’s Prairie and the new Geo-tag image function of the site!


You can scroll, zoom, and click with the map below to find out exactly where these photos were taken:


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