Joes Crab Shack - Classic crab bowl

Today is Memorial Day. Please, raise your flag, eat some delicious food, and go out of your way to do something that you really enjoy doing, all of which is enough to show that you appreciate your freedom and the veterans who have lost their lives to preserve it. My new bike: 2011 Specialized, Read More

During my normal shift this morning, I read a Veteran’s Day message in the “Sergeant of the Guard” (SOG) log book. The message, writing by another SOG gave me the “warm and fuzzy” so I decided to post it here: Nov 11, 2010 – On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the, Read More

Recently, we have discovered a cat that lives at our work position at Camp As Sayliyah (CAS). The cat is definitely new to the area — before there were tons of rats running around, but now it’s a strange site to see one. Rus (short for his given name Rusty) is a white and, Read More

The Villago Mall is Doha’s hub for overpriced luxury clothes. The mall was supposedly build by a Las Vegas architect, and it sports a sky-painted ceiling with a river of chlorinated water separating the businesses lining both sides of the main hallway. If you think you might enjoy the ride, are too lazy to, Read More