Veteran’s Day Message

During my normal shift this morning, I read a Veteran’s Day message in the “Sergeant of the Guard” (SOG) log book. The message, writing by another SOG gave me the “warm and fuzzy” so I decided to post it here:

Nov 11, 2010 – On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month; the world assembled together in Versailles Paris to sign a treaty to end all wars. Ninety one years later today, those of you reading this and I writing this, are still locked in the struggle to end war. We have fought then and still today over boundaries, politics, religion, and oppression. Our weapons and tactics have changed, but our quest to live peacefully remains. Remember that love promotes life. Love your family, friends, battle buddies, and most of all, love life. Know that victory for us is simple. There is no mastermind strategy for us. To win a war is done by living through war. That is our victory. This is for us veterans and a safe and speedy trip home.

Happy Veteran’s Day
–SSG Corey Baldwin

Thanks for all you have done, and all you have given!

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