R&R Leave and Engagement

I have started to realize that I am a two-post-a-month kind of guy. Currently, it is a feat to find the free time to make a blog post. I do enjoy doing it, but it interferes (while I’m deployed) with gym time, or general web browsing time. On a good day, we get about 5 hours of solid free time, and the gym typically takes half if you include the post-workout shower. Anyhow, for the lack of posts, I feel as if I’m continually reminiscing on the past month; this post is indeed no different, but no less exciting either! You’ll notice that the countdown I had in the top right corner of the page has changed. I am coming home very soon! And the last countdown said “– days until University of Florida Homecoming”. We lost; enough said! However, that ticker was really just a countdown until I would be in town for some much needed R&R leave after 10 months of being deployed. So this post is about my leave: it will be brief and include plenty of photos. 

Dual Monitors
The first think I did on leave was went shopping: I bought another computer monitor (ASUS VH236H) to complement my other one and a very sweet and impressively adjustable stand to mount the two monitors to my desk.
Dual Monitor Arms
Basically, Erogtron’s LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm is a mount with two arms that suspend my monitors above my desk, allowing me to maneuver them around to any position I feel the most comfortable at the time. I can also rotate each monitor 180° (from landscape to profile) in case I am editing a lengthy research abstract or debugging some code on my website. A secondary monitor is an invaluable tool when you are multitasking or even doing homework.

The next thing I purchased on leave were Vibram’s Five Finger KSO’s. I’ll have a more detailed description on what I think about them later.

After all the fun of buying new things, I went out with friends, celebrated my birthday (October 15th), and had a blast tailgating, before I was thoroughly disappointed with the results of the game (Loss: 7-10 Miss St.).

After the game, my girlfriend (now fiancé) and I took a trip to visit Melissa and Mike for some fun fishing (or lack there of) and spend a night in a relaxing cabin by the water. 

After a night at the cabin, we planned a trip to Miami in the Four Seasons Hotel.  Assuming we were in South Beach’s backyard, we were unpleasantly amused when we arrived to find that South Beach was a $50 taxi drive away. We decided to go out in the local area (considered the “Wall Street of the South”, so a brochure said).  I had some gourmet mini-burgers and she had some fish tacos that were both amazing.

Finally, when my R&R Leave finally started coming to an end and it seemed like the best opportunity, I proposed to Cait.  And yes, she said yes!




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