Installing two hard drives in your Mid-2010 Macbook Pro

I recently purchased the latest (as of this blog’s entry date) Macbook Pro.  I got an incredible bargain on a normally $3000 computer, by shopping used of E-Bay.  The Macbook Pro comes with the Core i7 2.66GHz processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB Solid Slate Hard Drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M discrete graphics card, and an Anti-Glare “high resolution” (1680 X 1050) screen.  This bundle of greatness cost me $2200 — I know, more than my first car (Dodge Shadow ES), but seriously well worth it.

So, I knew before purchasing the Macbook Pro that a 128GB hard drive would not satisfy my addiction for hoarding binary data, so I  looked into solutions (a second time; see the first attempt) for adding another hard drive inside my Macbook Pro. The solution is an enclosure (case) that cradles another hard drive and replaces the “SuperDrive” (dvd drive) inside the Macbook Pro. The best of two different enclosures I have tested is called the OptiBay Hard Drive enclosure. So, for those of you that are willing to take the plunge into the workings of your computer (Disclaimer: may void existing warranty) to install a separate hard drive, this is definitely the blog for you. Oh, and don’t let all this computer jabber intimidate you into thinking this tutorial is going to be hard to follow: in fact, I’ve made this video simple for everyone to understand.

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