This issues has to do with Font Awesome icons showing up as squares in Firefox or Google Chrome browser. There can be many possible causes of this issue, and surely I will not cover them all.  I will cover two solutions that have helped many people address this issue.  The two potential solutions are separated below:

I needed a solution [on Mac OS X] that would automatically reconnect my network drives from a file server when it disconnects and reconnects. There is indeed a method to connect network drives when OS X boots up (the instructions are below for this).  Unfortunately, this does not reconnect the network drives if the, Read More

Deleting empty rows on an Excel spreadsheet would seem like an easy function.  There are many instructions online to accomplish this, but the problem with most tutorials is they will delete entire rows if they identify a single empty cell in a particular row.  This can create a serious problem if you have a, Read More

I have found Microsoft OneNote to be one of the most effective tools for note-taking while doing 1st year medical science courses. It allows me to easily search old lectures on the fly, and even create links between information so that I am constantly reinforcing my understanding of past and present material. But even, Read More


As I was studying for the MCAT last night, we had a series of power outages. The first 6 were flickers. Though annoying, the backup power supply I have for my computer made the outages tolerable while I was studying. The thing is, while you’re taking timed internet-based practice tests, it’s not in your, Read More